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Damon Cirulli

Professional Los Angeles Based Cinematographer/Director/Producer with a decade of experience creating top notch commercials, music videos, high-end interviews, narrative projects and events.  My work has been featured on TV, Hulu, Youtube commercials, magazine covers, and large museum shows like the “Discovering Mimbres” exhibit at the LACMA Museum in Los Angeles. Past talent I’ve worked with includes Kobe Bryant, Kendrick Lamar, Demi Lovato, Imagine Dragons, Anti-Flag, George Clinton, Lewis Howes, Montel Williams, and  brands including: Mug Rootbeer, LEGO, Holiday Inn Express, and to name a few.​


Red Gemini Camera Package:

RED Gemini DSMC2 Camera with PL or Canon mount
RED DSMC2 Touch LCD 4.7″
RED MAG 240 GB (x2)
RED DSMC2 Side Handle
AC Power Adaptor
V-Mount Li150 Battery (x4)
Battery Dual Charger
Noga Cine Arm

Blackmagic Pocket 6k Camera Package

2x 512gb CFast Cards

5 Camera Batteries

Camera Cage and Accessories 

Sony A7RIII Camera Package

Canon Metabones adapter

3x batteries

3x SD Cards


Canon 50mm Lens 1.2 EF

Canon 70-200mm Lens 2.8 EF

Canon 16-35mm Lens 2.8 EF

Canon 100m 2.8 Macro lens


Aputure c300d ii with Softbox

Aputure Amaran 600w Tri-8c Light

Aputure Amaran AL-528S LED Light

Additional LED Professional Light Kit

Other Accessories:

Dana Dolly

Edelkrone Wing Slider
Ronin RS2 with Raveneye 3d Focus

7″ Small HD Bright 1080p Monitor

Professional Audio Kit2x UHF Wireless Lavalier

Wooden Camera Zip Follow Focus
E-Image Tripod EG15A2
Benro Professional Tripod

LA filmmaker LOS ANGELES DP professional photographer videographerCamera Operator, Videographer, Arri, D.I.T, 1st Ac, Red Epic, Red One camera, Red Scarlet music video, shorts, commercial, Feature films, 

Steadicam, Canon 7D, 5D Mark III, camera slider, Dolly, blackmagic pocket 4k, BMP4k, headshots, fashion photos, fashion, photography, models, acting, cinema, film, filmmakers, 

DP, Camera Operator, red Gemini, Alexa, cinematographer, Videographer, D.I.T, 1st Ac, Red Epic, Red One camera, Red Scarlet music video, shorts, commercial, Feature films, GH5, blackmagic, pocket, Alexa mini,

Steadicam, Canon 7D, 5D Mark III, camera slider, Dolly, Red one camera, dragon, GH5, Red epic, Red scarlet, HMI, Tungsten, Kino Flo, Hvx200, DVX 200, Sony, Canon 7D Canon 5D Dslr Arri fresnel C stands Red Epic Scarlet Dolly dragon camera HD gaffer cinematographer DP 

slider zip lights Led lights flat head 80 lights grip flags apple box light stands joker source four Hmi Par mathews dolly Idx V mount batteries HVX 200 tripod fluid head storm case HVX 200 Red One Dragon Camera Red Charger, Red Monitor Ikan zip lights Arri tube 5k 4k helium dragon operator events BMP6k

Studio City

Film Fest


Award for the music video "Ophelia"





"The Good Fight" documentary won this award before being sold to PBS




"Take Back The Long Weekend" Orbitz commercial was nominated and won 

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