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Damon Cirulli

Damon Cirulli - Demo Reel 2019
"Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard on You?" Music Video
Anti-Flag - American Attraction
LEGO "Surf's Up" Commercial
Orbitz Take Back The Long Weekend
The Hollywood Effect & the LGBTQ Community -- Rise Up
Annika Rose - Fly To You (Official Video)
"Bad Side" Music Video
Holiday Inn Express - Smart Guys
"Older Again" Music Video
Electric Palace - No Way Out (Official Video)
DecadeZ - Pom Pom (Official Music Video)
Shop Til You Rock Introduction - Demi Lovato
Denmantau "Faces"
Gregory Alan Isakov - "Saint Valentine" // The Bluegrass Situation
Big Black Dog - Marco With Love
Superhero Secrets: Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive
Pop Secret "Playoffs"
OPHELIA Music Video
Colgate La Sonrisa Clara
Rumble Go: A Seriously Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Hot Wheels: Long Live Summer


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